Michael Corner (quodpotsucks) wrote,
Michael Corner

Good heavens I forgot all about this! I don't suppose these natterers feed on words do they? Mine's looking a bit peaky and has been shuffling weakly across the floorboards ever since hols. It hasn't even nipped at me once. I don't suppose there's a vetrenarian for these things on hand so I suppose I'll just let it fly, see where it takes me. I can always buy a new one!

How the time flies when you're having fun. Charms club has been as busy as ever, they're talking about elections, since our current president is graduating this year and I might have half a mind putting my name in for presidency! Our current president is, of all things, a Hufflepuff so you can imagine the state of things; I'm sure the club would prosper much more under someone more capable, if you catch my meaning.

But that's not the exciting news! This Saturday's another Quidditch match, Ravenclaw against Slytherin. Sure to be a tough match, though I doubt their dirty tactics can outmatch our natural cunning and cleverness. I'm sure Chang has thought up a quidditch play by now though you can't be too sure with her. She's starting to get forgetful, you know, very fuzzy. I suppose it comes from old age.

Nevertheless, the Slytherin seeker's little more than a rat on a broom so I suppose even if Chang's team is lousy, we've still got a shot.

I want to play chess, but everybody's asleep. I suppose I could get Terry up, he's been sleeping lots. I'll give the foot of his bed a couple of good kicks and see if he's game.
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