Michael Corner (quodpotsucks) wrote,
Michael Corner

Well I seem to have gone and lost my partner, which isn't too bad I suppose. Cornfoot has a tendancy to snore, and he's really an insufferable know-it-all. But I'm lucky I ran into Terry, otherwise I might have starved! I left my share of the rations with Cornfoot, you see, since they were really heavy and I didn't feel like carrying them. Come to think of it, I think he has my sleeping bag, too.

Mandy's here as well, and she hasn't been as annoyingly morbid as I thought she would be. I think she's actually--dare I say it--enjoying herself. Either that or knocking boots with Hopkins has seemed to mellow her out a bit. Good for her!

We took a nature walk today, stunned a few more beasts. I stunned a murtlap which was going after my shoe, and I almost managed to stun a diricawl, but it poofed off to somewhere right in my face before I could get it. Terry was quite impressive, though, he took down a cockatrice and a jarvey on his own, and ladies let me tell you, it was quite studly! If I were you I'd start qeueing up for a date soon, before he's all booked up!

He's embarassed. He shouldn't be. Anyway, on our way back I thought I saw something big lurking around in the bushes--and I mean massive--I think it was a troll but Terry says that's ridiculous, trolls aren't native to the forest. At any rate we buggered off before we could find out, though I wanted to try and take it on. I bet it'd be worth quite a few points!
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