Michael Corner (quodpotsucks) wrote,
Michael Corner

Home at last! I was going to write sooner but we got in late last night, and this was stuffed down in the bottom of my trunk under the last of my laundry and I didn't feel like digging through all that to announce my safe arrival.

How did my fellow ravenclaws do on their exams? I, for one, did quite spectacularly. An "O" in Charms amd Arithmancy each, with E's in everything else except Potions--I only managed an "A", unfortunately, thanks to Snape's horrible bias against everyone with good hair. But mum and dad were quite pleased, they've put it up on the fridge. What for I could never fathom, unless family comes over the muggles won't recognize it for what it is.

This will be a relaxing summer, I can already tell. By the way, Terry, I spoke with my parents about your visiting last night and they would be delighted to have you. Mum asked about your favourite foods so I gave her a list. I don't think you'll have to live in fear of cabbage while staying under my roof!

Mum's calling for supper. She's trying out a new recipe, again--I hope she doesn't burn it like last time. That chicken cor don bleu was absolutely inedible!
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