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Michael Corner

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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 1996|11:33 pm]
Michael Corner
I guess my reminder charm didn't work as well on this as I'd hoped. It was supposed to bark and remind me but I had it locked in my trunk, and I didn't hear it until now so happy belated chanukah, Anthony. Again, late, but not my fault okay! You semites have really bizarre holidays. This one jumps!!
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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 1996|11:32 am]
Michael Corner
Excellent, excellent! Today's the first day of the Ravenclaw quidditch season and it's bound to be an exciting one indeed! I can't say we've got much of a line-up, unfortunately--you see our captain's a bit of a cry baby, our chasers aren't exactly top notch and I somehow seriously doubt our current keeper can hack it against some of Hufflepuff's chasers. Bad call on Chang's part, I'm telling you they'd be no match against me! Nevertheless, it is my team and I will be cheering just as loudly as any of them! Go Ravenclaw!!!!

Although I daresay we might have much better odds had "Magic" Michael Corner been added to the roster this year. But we shouldn't be bitter over Quidditch teams! It is just a game, after all.

Good luck team, I'm with you in spirit!

I think I'll go ask Terry if he wants to sit with me at the match!
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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 1996|08:41 am]
Michael Corner
I don't know what everybody's excited about. Sure Bones won a vote but that's one to Fudge's two.
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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 1996|06:37 pm]
Michael Corner
So from the rumours that have been flying around today, it looks like Arthur Weasley's dropped the running for Minister for Magic. Can't say I'm really surprised, it didn't look the sort to last too long, but it was a great effort on everybody's part! Lots of energy and vitality in that campaign, good job, good job!

Not that I'm saying I wish it had stayed on, I'm supporting Bones. That's the only sensible candidate, you see. That and if I don't, I think Smith might kill me.

Shame, really.

So Terry, if you're around this evening, how about finding me in the commons for a game of chess?
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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 1996|10:07 pm]
Michael Corner
You know, you think you know somebody, you love them and care for them and would give them the moon and the stars in the sky if you could--and then they turn around and stab you in the back like the ingrate they are!! I knew this was the way of the world, I just never expected she would betray me like that... we always got along so well, I thought we had the same ideas of what we wanted our future to be like... but it turned out to be some ideal that she wasn't ready to commit to.

Cho and I are through, I broke up with her tonight after finally realizing how she was just using me for material things. The guys in the Ravenclaw commons were right, if only I had listened! Well no more, at least this will let her know that Michael Corner isn't some pushover, here to be used and abused!

Ginny, I've been thinking a lot and... well, I've decided that I am perfectly ready to throw all those things you did last year behind us, and take you back.
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 1996|02:33 pm]
Michael Corner
Well now that my gorgeous girlfriend has picked up one of these "Natter" things, I suppose it'd be a right crime if I didn't make the scene. Which reminds me, Cho love, when did you say Quidditch tryouts were, again? I've got to be in top form this year if I'm to get my chance! And that's okay that your book ate through your jumper! It's not like I can't buy you a new one, right? Next Hogsmeade weekend I'll take you shopping and we'll do just that, yeah? Maybe something designer. Nothing is too good for my girl!

Well nothing much is new around here. I keep hearing more and more horror stories about people whose Natterers are running amok and you know it's not very hard to control them if you properly subdue them! I just usually keep mine belted shut and stuffed in a sock in my trunk--but if it gets really rowdy I find the best way to keep it in check is to pin it under one of the bedposts. It evens out the slant in the floorspace, and provides a convenient place to put your Natterer when it's misbehaving.

Well, I have to go, Cho and I are going to go do our Astronomy homework together, if you catch my meaning. Ah, l'amour!
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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 1996|08:41 pm]
Michael Corner
Well that was a nuisance. Because of the racket it had been making, I'd locked this journal in my trunk under a pile of books and socks and belted it shut, but it seems it didn't like that much. Actually, it tried to bite my head off when I finally dug it out, but I've managed to subdue it with a candlestick, for now! So don't worry, I'm fine!

I spent this evening in the company of my beautiful girlfriend, Cho Chang, and she's agreed to let me carry her her books between classes, this term. She thinks I'll have a shot at the Quidditch team this year, Cho does! Finally, a captain who knows what she's talking about! I suppose you all heard about her appointment? We weren't surprised, of course, she was the obvious candidate, but it's still a pleasant surprise nevertheless.

Well it's back to studying flight theory. Even though Cho has no doubts about me making the team this year I want to be as prepared as possible. Tah!

Oh also apparently there's an election going on? Doesn't make much sense to switch the cards around in the middle of the game, does it?
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Testing... [Aug. 5th, 1996|06:38 pm]
Michael Corner
Is this thing on?
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